Sunday, May 01, 2005

New Outlook

Hello.. I have been wanting to share a few things. I was on a mini vacation last week to Florida, to visit Julie. It was more of a renewal of my spirit. This year has been , shall we say a tad - emotional for anyone in our family.

Life.. A four lettered word. This word still drives me crazy. However , either I am getting older (check) or wiser. I believe it is the second one. I want to share my findings with you , perhaps you will not waste your time- to come to these conclusions. Unless you have already come to these realizations .

1. Your life is your life.

I use to compare my life with my friends. I know everyone does this, but why? Pam and Button my two friends from college meet every year for a reunion- since college in 87. I often came back from this weekend very depressed. Wondering why my life is not like theirs. - the shower- wedding - the house etc. One can see where this is going. I now have come to the conclusion its OKAY !! I AM ME !!! I no longer - compare. Sure its hard we all want things in life. One has choices everyday , my choices are where I am today. I am HAPPY. If YOU ARE NOT - MAKE CHANGES TO MAKE YOUR LIFE BETTER !!

2. Life is short

Life ended for someone very dear to me in Feb. My gut tells me the other half of him will be going to see him shortly. I need to come to terms with this person , and enjoy her while I can. This is hard. I am trying- she wanted appliance.

3. Find your purpose..

This is the goal - I am after !

I am trying to be a better person. Be grateful !! Give thanks. : )

enjoy everyday- it might be your last. How would you feel if it was?

Saturday, April 23, 2005


Greetings.. from sunny Florida.
I am down in the sunshine state, visting Julie and Enrique.
I having a spa life vacation.
Reading , walking on the beach, sitting at the beach- pondering . ah !!
Hope all is well in everyone's world.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005


snow , snow go away !! It has only been 4 long days without having my auto. Where was it you might ask ? At the top of our driveway- 3ft of snow , then 2 ..alas today , after 2.h ours of shoveling some of it yesterday to increase melting today.. 5 inches.. (4 wheel drive- today I am free ). I also had no power from sun until 10 am on tues. Life is coming back to normal.

Friday, January 14, 2005


Oh my ... I can see :) Without any help in one eye ! Yes .. It's true. No glasses,contact.. Etc. The left one to be done Jan 25th ..Look out !

Now onto another note.
So I have had a few things going on, and I have not visited my father. Today I went . The man was upset , pointing his finger at me. Made me cry 3 times. I could not understand him at all. All I do know he was very pissed ! help :(..

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

hello.. seeing if anyone still checks me out.. more coming soon

Monday, June 28, 2004

The 80's

so .. I was feeling a tad low today. Perhaps the rain.etc.
What does my eyes see , mail.. 2 8o's CD's oh my.. Dancing and smiling.. Oh what fun times..Each song has a memory.. Thanks !!!!!!!!!! Jen
3 months to PHIL !!!

Thursday, June 17, 2004

The power of Friendship

Yesterday , I witnessed the nicest thing. Grandpa was visited by his old army buddy Ray and his wife. They drove up from PA to visit . (g-ma's old love ). It was very touching that he would come up to see and old pal.